A new, contemporary dance theater performance in two chapters. 50 min. Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancers: Béatrice Larrivée, Liad Tavori  |Music: Bloom by Radiohead, Parola - rework, by Donato Dozzy, Anna Caragnano, Cinderella by A.Arkhipovskiy ( Accordion) | Masks: Itamar Freed | Costumes & Art: Talia Freed |

Bloom – A mesmerizing duet that explores the transformative power of removing masks and embracing our true selves. Performed by two women who represent one, Bloom uncovers multiplicities of self. With a driving rhythm and unexpected twists and turns, this dance work offers a thrilling journey through the depths of human emotion and existence-  from the adrenaline-fueled highs to moments of collapse and vulnerability, Bloom speaks to the hope and possibility that can arise from even the most turbulent times.

Tennis Forever -  A compelling dance that delves into the metaphorical game of tennis as a representation of the unyielding fight for survival that we face in our daily lives. Through the lens of the tennis player's unwavering determination to emerge victorious, the performance evokes the universal themes of attack, defense, triumph, and defeat that permeate our existence.



High Fest Festival


From the media about CRASH – TENNIS IN THE SKY WITH ISADORA: "...Excellent, different &Challenging... Unique Movement language..." Megapone.   "... Amazing..." Saloona   "Breath taking..." Portfolio.  "...Marvelous..." Radio Khan.

CRASH - Choreography Nimrod Freed | Dancer & Collaborator: Mami Shimazaki | Live Original Music & Drums, Guitar: Sharon Attar| Costumes: Jenifer Kim | Costumes stylist Omri David Ben Avi| Art: Talia Freed |

TENNIS IN THE SKY WITH ISADORA- Chorepgraphy: Nimrod Freed| Dancer & Collaborator: Mami Shimazaki| Music: 20syl-Game set& Match  Radio Head- Good Evening Mrs. Magpie,  David Bowei- Station To Station,  Funkadelic- Maggot Brain| Music Editor: Harel Tsemah| Costumes: Mami Shimazaki| Stage Design: Talia Freed|  

Jerusalem International Solo Dance Festival   6/9, 7/9, 8/9  20:00       

The audience is invited to peep at two different dance &original live music performances, at the same time, inside two peep cells in the public space of Beit Hansen: It creates new angles of vision in different perspective, from which the audience observe the performance & its location in space, while focusing on the connection between intimacy and everyday life and between looking & voyeurism. A renewed premiere.

 "...moving the boundaries …Unique performance” Australia.                                                                                                              Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancer & Collaborator: Mami Shimazaki | Original & live music: Sharon Attar | Planning & Design: Talia Freed | Costumes: Jennifer Kim, Omri David Ben Avi |



Nimrod Freed/Tami Dance Company with Mami Shimazaki and Sharon Attar perform CRASH IN THE SKY WITH ISADORA .  Guest Artist- Hillel Kogan with OBSCENE GESTURE.  Thursday, June 23, 21:00, Yerushalmi Hall, Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv . 

Tickets: 035105656  Link: 

CRASH - We live in a world of conflicts - within ourselves, in our society, and between different cultures: The desire for love versus loneliness and helplessness, to be young and to explode opposite to getting older, roots and tradition clash with change and innovation. Nimrod Freed, an Israeli International acclaimed choreographer brings together Mami Shimazaki, a wonderful Japanese Dancer, who lives in Israel & danced for many years in the  world known Bat- Sheva Dance Company with Sharon Attar , an emerging Israeli drummer/Guitarist musician to perform CRASH: Fresh and surprising duet which brings cultures , different dance styles, various music genres, singing and talking into a collision, which is transformed to harmony. 20 Min. Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancer collaborator: Mami Shimazaki | Live Original Music & Drums, Guitar: Sharon Attar |Costumes stylist: Omri David Ben Avi | Art: Talia Freed | Inspired by: ״Do you love me ״†-Johnny Thunders& the heart breakers

TENNIS IN THE SKY WITH ISADORA- A 20 Min. Solo: The tennis player’s obsession for her victory and the tennis game as an image of our survival here and now: to attack/ to defend, to lose/ to win. From the personal and intimate to the social and political- The sound track combines original sounds from the tennis court with trance and soul music.