We love to perform close to you- In the street, in the park in your neighborhood, in the public space:

Thank you  cities & communities: Sakhnin, Tel Afek, Yotvata, Or Yehuda, Tivon, Herodion, Yehud, Rosh HaAyin, Tel Aviv.

With the wonderful dancer Mami Shimazaki and the musician/oud player Eliran Suissa who has light in his fingers.

Thank you #Hapais - Culture on the Street. # Hapais - Breathing Culture.            #  Hapais in collaboration with the Choreographers Association - Life in Motion

Performances in BREATHING CULTURE FESTIVAL/ Hapais & National parks Aouthority. 

After one year of  world pandemic,the amazing dancer,  Mami Shimazaki performing                                                                                                                                          

Tennis in the Sky with Izadora - Tel Afek National Park, April 2021.

Performing  Tennis in the Sky with Izadora in the ancient Herod's Grave site- The Herodion National Park: The wonderful dancer, Mami Shimazaki with the emerging musician and Oud player Eliran Swisa.

An online performance of the solo "TENNIS NOW OR NEVER". The tennis player and the uncompromising struggle of the tennis player for victory as an image of our war for survival here and now. Accompanied by authentic sound from the tennis court and soul music. Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancer: Noa Shavit | Photo: Dana Karuchi' |                                                                                                                                              "... victory ..." Maariv. " Bold, Enthusiastic, Contemporary" Singapore M1 Festival. Performances in GermanyPoland, Lithuania, Crete, Singapore, Tel Aviv and more.