Nimrod Freed/Tami Dance Company


Nimrod Freed, choreographer, artistic director/entrepreneur, lecturer.    

Nimrod Freed is Internationally acclaimed choreographer. He is known for his innovative style, authentic movement language and fascinating melding of artistic mediums. His work is recognized as a passionate, unusual contemporary dance theater and is performed successfully around the world and Israel. Nimrod started his career as a dancer at the age of 16, through a Fulbright scholarship at the Haifa School of Dance with the classical ballet master Lea Shubert. From 1982 till 1992 he lived and performed in N.Y.C.: He was invited by the great Japanese Choreographer Kei Takei to join her Moving Earth Dance Theater Company with which he toured around the USA and Japan. Similarly, he worked with Min Tanaka, one of the fathers of Butho in Japan, with Ellen   Stewart at the La Mama Theater, and Bessie Schonberg in NYC. Nimrod begun his career as a young choreographer in NYC- His works were performed there with great success- Riverside Dance Festival, Dia Art Foundation, the Theater of the Open Eye, etc. In 2004, Nimrod founded his Nimrod Freed/ Tami Dance Company in Tel Aviv, with the support of Stinmetz Foundation award- 2004,2005,2006,2007 for enriching community life.Nimrod is very engaged and active in the Israeli dance landscape -He is one of the founders of the Israel choreographer’s association, the winner of Habima - The International Theater of Israel- Interdisciplinary Artist Award, the foundation for the war on Aids award, among others grants & awards. For ten years he was founder and artistic director of the performance series "On the Edge" at the Tami House, cultural center for the central Tel Aviv community – an intimate, revolutionary project of dance, live music and theatre that provided an experimental, different stage for most dance choreographers in Israel. He was the founder and the artistic director of the "Red Line" project at the Tel Aviv Museum for Modern Art, and more. Nimrod creates and collaborates with international dance companies as well as in International residencies - He worked in Tokyo, Johannesburg, Australia, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, and Jerusalem. He uses his dance as a language to communicate his vision of human experience – From the Intimate & Personal to Social & Political.Nimrod is a senior lecturer - teaching since 1993 choreography and improvisation at The Jerusalem Academy for Music & Dance. Nimrod was teaching for 29 years, methods of teaching & Improvisation at The Kibbutzim College, Faculty of Arts & Dance in Tel Aviv. Nimrod has M.A, from Columbia University, NYC.

NIMROD FREED/TAMI DANCE COMPANY    Performances across the globe - in 5 continents: Australia- Brisbane Festival -  Italy–the International Biennale of Architecture in Venice & Love Sharing Festival in Cagliari,  USA/NYC–Central Park Summer Stage Festival; China-Shanghai Expo and the Guangdong Festival; Singapore – M1 Festival, Johannesburg–AZA Biennale for Architecture; India–Goa international film festival; Japan/Tokyo, Singapore, Belarus- Minsk Opera House, Romania – International Theater Festival in Sibiu, Lithuania – Aura Dance Festival,  Greece/Crete – Chania Dance Days, Poland – Tanztendenzen Festival, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Scotland & more.  In Israel, the company performs on ongoing bases in established venues and platforms, such as the Israel Festival, The Susan Dellal Center, MASH, Akko Festival – but also in many community theaters around the country, museums and galleries as well as at outdoor events and festivals: Carmiel Festival, Tveria, Sakhnin, Tivon - More than 50 cities & communities in Israel. Nimrod and his Tami Dance Company love to create and to perform also in the public space – in selected site specific. In 2007 he created PeepDance- dance performances within peep cells- Peep Dance challenges the perception of the traditional structure of viewing a dance-theatre piece and creates a new relationship between the audience and a site specific performance.  Nimrod Freed / Tami Dance Company is recognized by its unique interdisciplinary movement language, that provides the audience with an exciting experience, with high aesthetic values.  Nimrod and the company members are giving dance theater workshops to professional dancers, students and nonprofessional people: Self-empowerment through release technics, voice& movement, and dance theater improvisation with joy.                                                                                                                                   

"…One of the most memorable and innovative dances I have seen in a while…" Dancing perfectly free, New York City "”...In a move to push the boundaries of going to the theater… an entirely new lens…Unique performances"  Courier Mail, Australia. "...A pearl of creativity, daring and freshness...sensual and humoristic" Ruth Eshel, Haaretz, Israel 

Nimrod Freed/Tami Dance Company: 2000-Ongoing, Show Reel

Nimrod Freed/Tami Dance Company is supported by The Ministry of Culture & Sports, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, The Choreographer Assoc., Beit Tami- C.C. The heart of Tel Aviv

Mami Shimazaki Dancer, actress, creator and teacher. Born in Tokyo, Japan, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Mami is collaborating with Nimrod Freed/Tami Dance Company as a dancer/soloist. Mami was a dancer/soloist, for about 12 years with the world known   Batsheva Dance Company- She performed most of Ohad Naharin's repertoire. In addition, she has worked with choreographers such as John Jesperse, William Foresythe, Sharon Eyal, Ruth Ziv Eyal, Barak Marshall and more. Mami Shimazaki is the winner of best actress – The European Independent Film Festival 2018, as the lead actress in the Feature Film “Call for Dreams”, directed by Ran Slavin. In the last few years, Mami was invited to perform and create in Europe - Germany, Italy, Ireland and in Israel with Dance, Theatre, and Video Productions. She is a teacher and workshop facilitator for all ages in Contemporary Ballet and Dance, in Israel and around the world. She is a Graduate of the Maurice Bejarz School of Dance and Performing Arts in Switzerland.

More from the press: 

 “In your face…” TimeOut, New york City"

 “…It fascinates us…” Dance Magazine, New York"

    "…PeepDance has got an exceptionally big turn up of the audience because of its originality…Inventive…" The Day of Kaunas, Lithuania"

"Real surprise evolves…purity of form…each dancer shines… simply takes your breath away…” Robyn Sassen, Artzone, Johannesburg

"Do not miss" Timeout  Cyprus

"To discover the beauty" China International Press

"Unique and splendid…" Tokyo Dance Digital Magazine 
“The movement’s visual and symbolic texture is superb… the crowd was enthusiastic and the work was received
warmly… an interdisciplinary piece in which the combination of music and dance, acting and singing, manages to steer away from any compromise… full of mad humor”
Giora Manor, Israel Dance