On the home court- Sumud, Tennis True Story

Sumud- Chapter one of a new piece. A trio for a dancer, actor and a musician- SumudFocuses on our strong desires and our love. “Sumud means to endure, to remain firmly to one’s land. Sumud expresses tenacity and stamina, and a sort of passive combativeness, gritting one’s teeth from giving in, and to keep from losing one’s mind.  The Yellow Wind/David Grossman. From the personal and Intimate to the social and political. 15 Min.

Tennis True Story The tennis game and the tennis player’s obsessive struggle for a victory as a metaphorTo our survival here and now: to attack/ to defend, to embrace/ to part, to lose/ to win: from the personal and intimate to the social and political. Three different short dance pieces connected to one dance theatre performance with  Nimrod’s authentic movement language- to a sound track that combines original sounds from the tennis court with trance and soul music.  45 Min.  Trailer: https://vimeo.com/291245015