BLOOM With Béatrice Larrivée and Liad Tavori.  7/7 - 14:30,  8/7 - 21:00  INBAL THEATER, SUZANNE DELLAL

A new, contemporary dance theater performance in two chapters. 50 min. Choreography: Nimrod Freed | Dancers: Béatrice Larrivée, Liad Tavori  |Music: Bloom by Radiohead, Parola - rework, by Donato Dozzy, Anna Caragnano, Cinderella by A.Arkhipovskiy ( Accordion) | Masks: Itamar Freed | Costumes & Art: Talia Freed |

Bloom – A mesmerizing duet that explores the transformative power of removing masks and embracing our true selves. Performed by two women who represent one, Bloom uncovers multiplicities of self. With a driving rhythm and unexpected twists and turns, this dance work offers a thrilling journey through the depths of human emotion and existence-  from the adrenaline-fueled highs to moments of collapse and vulnerability, Bloom speaks to the hope and possibility that can arise from even the most turbulent times.

Tennis Forever -  A compelling dance that delves into the metaphorical game of tennis as a representation of the unyielding fight for survival that we face in our daily lives. Through the lens of the tennis player's unwavering determination to emerge victorious, the performance evokes the universal themes of attack, defense, triumph, and defeat that permeate our existence.